Prime membership is our server's premium rank that is 10,000 jewels per month. You can purchase it through the jewelshop by doing the command "/jewelshop"! You can obtain prime membership by buying time from the jewelshop or redeeming Prime Bonds.

Prime Bonuses

  • The ability to fly Airships!
  • Survival inventory WorldEdit! You can now use worldedit up to 1024 blocks using your survival inventory.
    • //replace <to block>
      • Replaces all non-air blocks with the <to block>.
    • //replace <from block> <to block>
      • Replaces all blocks of type <from block> with the <to block>. Use "air" or 0 to replace air.
  • Basic Movement anti-cheat bypass! Lagging? Now you won't be sent backwards every time you walk!
  • Auto-Eat! With this, you never have to stop to eat again.
  • /Stack - Stacks and Item up to 64, even if it usually cannot stack!
  • 100% Bonus XP in Blacksmith!
  • Double speed for Blacksmith assisting!
  • More coming soon.

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