Tanks are the top choice for defencive and offensive ground assaults. Tanks offer a great way to transport gear to the front lines, as well as being able to dish out high amounts of damage to your enemies defensive line.

Driving a Tank

  1. Have the tank meet the size and block ratio requirements for its class.
  2. Fill the furnaces on the tank with coal.
  3. Activate it by writing the name of the tank's class on the top line of a sign then right clicking on the sign with an empty hand.
  4. Move it by holding a wooden stick in your hand and right clicking while facing the direction you want to move. Diagonals are allowed.
  5. If you wish to rotate your tank write “[helm]” on the top line of a sign then right click once to activate it. Further right clicks will make your tank turn right, left clicks will turn left.
  6. If you want to move quickly and fuel efficiently then you’ll need a cruise sign. Cruise signs only work on the SIDE of a block, NOT the TOP. The direction they face determines the direction they will make the tank move. Make one by writing “Cruise: OFF” on the top line. caps and spaces count.
  7. To stop piloting a tank, walk off of it or write “/release” in the chat window. releasing a tank will shut off cruise signs automatically.

Tank Classes

Military Tanks Blocks Minimum Blocks Maxiumum
Tank 20 300
Coming soon TBD TBD

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