After your war has been officially started by a staff member, you are free to assault the enemies that you declared on.

One big system we have worked hard on is the front line system, where the war will always have a front line instead of attacking random areas. What we mean by that is if your enemy is currently attacking your territory tower or occupying some of your territory, you cannot attack him until you push him back off of your territory. We do this in order to have grander wars instead of non stop sneak attacks like you see in factions.

How Does the War System Work?

How to attack

If you want to start an invasion of a territory tower, you need to make an Invasion Tower. These towers are your focal point when attacking the enemies territory tower. In order to take control of the territory tower, you need to capture the Myst Collector from the defending territory tower and bring it back to your invasion tower multiple times. The amount of times needed are listed below. After you successfully take the tower, you can push to others. If you fail, you are given an invasion cooldown for an hour and cannot attack another tower during that time. Note that you cannot attack territory towers if the defending empire is not online.

After you successfully push into the city borders, you can start taking the chunks. This is done by standing in the chunk and doing the command /c invade. This will start a timer with the times listed below. You must be in the chunk for that amount of time for it to successfully transfer to your control. Enemies standing within the chunk will pause the capture. If you die while capturing a chunk, you will have to wait an hour before you can continue. City chunks can be captured when the defending empire is offline, due to the amount that you have to take over.

Once 70% of the city is claimed by your empire, the city will transfer to your control.

Do note that explosions are disabled for territory towers not currently under siege and cities are protected from explosions as long as there is one territory tower allied to the city touching it.

The war is won when the enemy party surrenders or you take their capital city.


Territory Towers

  • With a casus belli:
    • Attacking Party: 3 Captures, 10 minutes each.
    • Defending Party: 1 Capture, 10 minutes each.
  • Without a casus belli:
    • Attacking Party: 6 Captures, 10 minutes each.
    • Defending Party: 1 Capture, 10 minutes each.

City Chunks

  • With a casus belli:
    • Each chunk is 8 minutes.
  • Without a casus belli:
    • Each chunk is 16 minutes.

Capital Chunks

  • With a casus belli:
    • Each chunk is 12 minutes.
  • Without a casus belli:
    • Each Chunk is 24 minutes.

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